Friday, March 4, 2011


Can't pick it at the moment, we have been having some really H.O.T days. I mean seriously hot & humid, the type of sticky weather that makes it hard to sleep. Then along comes March......and rain. Yep more rain. To be honest with all the rain we had at the begining of the year I am little depressed by the sight, sound & smell of rain (rain smell has always been one of my favourite smell!!! So sad). So to make myself feel better I have been going over the pictures that I took during the last weekend of Summer.

Me, my WH (wonderful husband) & our friend went to a local waterhole for a picnic lunch & swimming. To be 100% honest the water was too cold for me to swim in, that is definatly the risk you run when you swim in a freshwater waterhole in a gorge. But I still really enjoyed releaxing by the water, enjoying the last few moments of offical summer.

Oh yeah and then there is the playing with our underwater camera! Still feels just so weird to be putting our camera underwater. Sooooo wrong!!!! But the results are always so much fun.

Don't know what WH is doing, but he can cause our camera is waterproof (feels sooo wrong!)

Now what would be a perfect end to a day of relaxing & hanging out together? Gelato!!!! Yummy! I did meantion the gelato in a previous post, but I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this Gelato. Definatly going to drag my WH back to the store & get me some more. Probably wait until the rain stops & the sunshines, gelato tastes better when the sun in shinning.

My nails look great!!! Little weird statement :-)

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