Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another go...

I have another interview tomorrow, this time thankfully it is not a group interview. Though I think that I did well, I am glad for a more normal format. Just me and the person (s) interviewing me. Sigh of relief.

But biggest issue now is what to wear, my interview is with an outdoor clothing and equiptment company. Which suits me really really well, I love hiking, bushwalking and camping (even if my poor husband doesn't), so working for a company which will encourage that side of me would be / will be great! But I believe that what you wear reflexs the person who you are, or at the very least what perceptions your interviewer makes. So I am thinking that dressing up in a kind of suit format might not reflext how much I love the outdoors and make me look like more of an indoor type. Soooooo not me!
I am thinking of going with jeans and a nice top, as well as my favourite shoes of the moment my sketchers. They are a great choice (so I say myself) they are black kind of casual but still professinal looking and above all COMFORTABLE!
What is the one thing that I can bring to this position that no one else can? Support for the manager, always will to do whatever I am needed to do, love helping others but am prefectly capable of stepping up and being a leader when I am needed. But I also believe that being a leader means recoginsing strenghts in team memebers and using those strenghts to get the best out of that person and the rest of the team. On a side note I have GOD, and prayer. I have been praying everyday, and have been asking for pray from people who I trust.
'With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible' Matthew 19:26
This is probably one of the few things in my life that I have total trust in God about, I know that no matter what God is going to show me what job he wants me to have, and if I am not meant to get a job right now then whatever is suppose to happen will happen. Honestly I have real issues trusting God with a whole lot of stuff in my life, as everyone does. Havn't met any christian who doesn't struggle with totally trusting God, or who doesn't at one time or another doubted God. I do on a daily basis, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.
So I hope that you will all be praying for me at 10:10am on Monday 12th October, I know that it is possible for me to get this job. I actually have experience this time, I am what this company is looking for. Time to dive right in.

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