Thursday, November 12, 2009

God's hand clear & loud

I really thought that my job interview was just like any other interview that I have had, I mean so happy and blessed to have gotten it. But other than that it was going to be like any other interview, I was very very wrong.

Turns out that God had a big hand in me getting this interview. I know that God has had a hand in all the interviews that I have had, just with this one I was able to see clear as day God's hand. While I was at the interview that lady I was interviewing with 'H' told me that the newspaper (found the job ad on the newspaper website) had put the wrong closing date on the ad, and in fact the ad had closed weeks previous to me sending in my resume. She had received hundreds of late application letters and only opened 5, one of those was me. And of that 5 mine stood out and I got an interview, which was way after the official interviews. During the interview the fact that I had a short work history was a sign of loyalty, which they were looking for, and my history of having to look after my Mum after graduating from Uni showed how important family was to me, again what they are looking for. And my work as a youth leader with church show them my leadership skills and my ease with working with teenagers, there will be about 4 junior casuals working for the business, also my involvement and importance of church show that I had a grounding in the community and had a good support base.

I honestly couldn't believe it, everything that I always worry about telling/explaining to prospective employers my short work history, why I never used my degree, the importance of church most employers don't seem to understand or respect any of that. But H saw everything as a positive and was exactly the qualities that they were looking for.

I find out tomorrow if I have gotten the job, I have been praying that I do. I mean God's hand was so evident, He made sure that I got that interview. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I will pray for the job. I do desperately want this job, it seems like I was meant for it, but I am so scared of that thought. Scared of the disappointment if I don't get the job, but I have to trust God. He is the one who got me this interview, have to trust.

Though no matter what the outcome this interview has defiantly given me a boost in how I feel about myself, it made me feel good about myself and have to say alittle confident in myself.

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