Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today is Remembrance Day, a day that we take time to pause and think about those who scarified their lives to protect the freedom that we enjoy in this country. I also think that it has also become a day when you think about those Defence Force personnel who are currently serving overseas. I think of my brother, who thankfully isn't overseas but I know that could change, I also think of those Australian solders who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years. During my minute silence at 11am I am going to pray for the end of all wars and conflict, and for the families who have already lost a son, brother, husband or father.

On another note I have a job interview today, well this evening to be exact. It has been a while since I have had an interview. There is only one problem, the person who I spoke to on the phone with didn't say what the job interview was for. I think that I know what job it is but I am not 100% sure. This unfortunately means that I can't do much in the way of preparation, normally I would try to research the company or work place which can be great to be able to guess what some of the questions could be. I am not worried, have no reason to be. Please pray for me at 5:30pm when I'll be at my interview. I really feel that this interview does have alot of promise.

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