Friday, March 26, 2010

The drought has broken

I'm not referring to the amount of rain that we have been having lately, though nice to have a full tank going into winter. But the job interview drought that I have been experiencing. It has been quite a few months since I have had an interview for any position. But this week I got two!

First is was a group interview for Smiggle that is on next Wednesday, then the very next day I got a phone call about a job interview that happened today. They are both casual positions and I would love either position. Being unemployed for 6 months is really wearing thin.

I think that I did quite well at the interview today, it is for a scrapbooking store about 30mins from my house. I might even be able to commute by the train which would be great. I am big into using public transport as much as possible, especially for commuting to and from work. It just doesn't make any sense for us to be driving both of our vehicles to work everyday. As much as I would like to think that I have nailed the interview and the job is practically mine, I have been down that road before. I think that is the hardest thing, the disappointment when you were so sure that you have the job in the bag. I made that mistake once and emotionally it almost destroyed me when they decided to go with someone else.

I have worked in a scrapbooking store before, only for a couple of months, the business wasn't run all that well. Wrong location and lack of the right kind of advertising mean that people weren't coming and there wasn't enough money coming in to justify my position. I understand that the store officially closed down last year, not surprised that it didn't last in the GFC (global financial crisis). That history made me alittle nervous about this job, it is again a new store, but this time is seems to be in a much better location (right on the road with pink windows so you can't miss it), the people running it have been working towards this for the past 10 years, they have a website (at this stage just informational, but still really great to see) and they are planning on doing advertising in a range of places and not relying on word of mouth. I think that this store has alot of potential, just have to pray that I am going to be apart of that potential.

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  1. Such good news that you've got a interviews! I hope they go/went really well and that something comes from them!

    Scrapbooking would be excellent- staff discount!!