Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Offically 6 months

With the end of February comes the 6 months anniversary of becoming unemployed. Nothing to celebrate and I'm not, but I have taken time to reflex on my journey. I think the hardest thing has been that I didn't realise that how I viewed myself was linked so heavily with the job that I had, that my identity was so wrapped up in my job. Now looking back that seems so crazy, why on earth did I allow that to happen. I am much more than what that job said about me.

I am still not sure where I am actually going, I know that God has a plan for me but as for what that is I just don't know. I do know that I am enjoying my life right now, I am busy, busy with things that bring me a great sense of satisfaction. Youth Group, Bible Study and the pre-teen girls mentoring program these are things that I absolutely love. I have a few other things coming along that I am looking forward to, so all and all I am happier than I ever was at my job.

So am going to keep on keeping on and trying my hardest to listen to what God is telling me, oh yeah and pray.

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