Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bring on Ikea!

I have been selling some of our furniture that just doesn't fit our small home, all together I have sold three pieces of furniture coffee table, buffet cabinet & TV unit. Having the furniture gone has really opened up our home and given us alot more space. There is one one smallish where to put anything. This is how we are living at the moment

Kind of feels like we are moving or just moved in. I don't like the feeling of disorganisation and things not having a home. The money we have made by selling our old furniture is going towards one new piece of furniture that I have had my eye on for a year & a half, it is from Ikea and will hopefully contain alot if not most of the stuff that we have littered around our house at the moment.

All I have to do is sell our old washing machine, which I am hoping to get between $50-$100 for. That way I can have alittle extra spending money when we go to Ikea to get some other things that I would like (pillows, a blanket).

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