Sunday, June 20, 2010


My WH (wonderful husband) has this jumper that we bought a year or so ago, it was purchased to be worn while he is running. But he loves it so much that it gets worn almost always. About 3-6 months ago somehow the zip got broken, WH was devastated. I decided to have a go at replacing the broken zip myself. I have done abit of sewing when I was is high school, year 8 as most students as well as year 11 & 12. I do enjoy using a sewing machine and making things, I currently have the use of my mother's sewing machine.

Yesterday I spent sometime carefully unpicking the stitches that held the old zip in place. Discovered that replacing the zip should be pretty straightforward (thankfully!).

Today after church I popped into Spotlight and bought a new zip, found they were having a 20% off store wide sale (score!). Then when I got home I inserted the new zip and sewed it all up. I found it easy enough to replace the zip, still not the greatest sewer in the world. Quite proud of myself.

WH was absolutely thrilled, wore the newly repaired jumper around for the rest of the evening. Feels very good to repair my WH's jumper, much better than throwing it away and wasting money on buying another one.
Someone couldn't leave me be at the table, loves to chew the pins (certainly not something I want him to be doing)

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