Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blog Travel Day

Sunday is my night for really sitting back and indulging in reading blogs and traveling around the world without having to leave the comfort of my couch.

Today we are starting at my very creative & talent cousins Talia's blog Life's Visual Journal, she started it after she got married in 2007 in response to never ending question 'How is married life?'. In her own words her blog is about "The Creative Endeavours of a twenty-something chick geek with Nanna tendencies (read: naps, crafts, embroidery, forgetfulness)!'

First stop Hello Owl by Danielle, I love her blog banner such a beautiful & bold pattern! I find myself very drawn to blue, even though my favourite colour is green. Apparently I look the best in blue too, or atleast that is what my husband tells me, opps! Back on track. I like this blog because if I am feeling creatively blocked then I can hop over to Hello Owl, there are regular challenges and loads of inspiration. Danielle is also pregnant, and has this great section called 'bump watch' some great bump pictures love the shrinking view of her feet!

Lets keep moving......

Second stop Danimezza, again great blog banner! Such a sucker for great doodling. I opened her blog up and was greeted by one of my fav things, great thrifty finds. Who doesn't love a great bargain, and op shops are full of bargains with in build personality. This blog follows the life of the creator, with great pictures (her own & fashion pics). Love the hat pictures!

And our final stop on our trip.......

Third stop Kevin and by Kevin and Amanda (surprise!). Very very cute dogs. Kevin and Amanda blog about their comings and goings. Check out the links down the left side and you'll find some great shots from around their home, their dogs & trips they have taken. I must say that I want that scrapbooking room! Looking at the links along the top, you'll find one that says 'Free Fonts', got to check it out! Amanda makes fonts for free out of peoples handwriting and then offers them for free on her website. Great fonts if you don't like your own handwriting for journalling.

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